12-14 April 2016
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Qatar Development Bank

Qatar Development Bank was established in 1997, a 100% government-owned developmental organization. Its primary aim was to develop investments within local industries, accelerating growth and economic diversification in Qatar through support for private sector. QDB has launched a number of strategic initiatives and programs, all designed to directly contribute to the economic growth and development of Qatar.
QDB’s strategy is entirely in line with “Qatar National Vision 2030”. It is focused on promoting and facilitating the growth of the private sector in Qatar within key economic channels. This support will enable the development of long term, sustainable social and economic benefits across the economy.
Qatar Development Bank Website

The International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises – INSME

The International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises – INSME is a legally recognized and not-for-profit Association established since 2004 in Rome, Italy with the aim to strengthen international cooperation, exchange of know-how, best practice approaches and expertise in innovation and technology transfer among economic players and intermediaries worldwide. The Network comprises at present 84 Members in 37 countries in 4 continents including governmental bodies, international organizations, business support intermediaries and their associations/networks at sub-national, national, regional and international level.
INSME Website.

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